2 Formats

  • Individual Stableford   – 3/4  handicap allowance
  • Pairs betterball stableford  –  3/4 handicap allowance

We have laid out the rules to provide clarity and ensure maximum enjoyment for all entrants.

We expect all matches to be played in the true spirit of the game and for competitors to conduct themselves in a manner befitting of the game of golf.

  1. The playing format is:
    Individual competition– Individual Stableford over 18 holes, 3/4 Handicap, The Maximum handicap is 18. Players with handicaps of 18+ can still enter but must reduce to 18 before any stroke allowance is calculated (e.g. handicap of 22 reduces to 18 first then uses 3/4 allowance meaning they play from 13.5 (14 strokes))
    Pairs Competition – 18 holes of betterball stableford. 3/4 handicap allowance. The Maximum handicap is 18. Players with a handicaps of 18+ can still enter but must reduce to 18 before any stroke allowance is calculated ( eg handicap of 22 reduces to 18 first then uses 3/4   allowance meaning they play from 13.5 (14 strokes)
  2. Play-off Stage – As per league stage but played over 36 holes on a home and away basis.
  3. Individual Regional Play-off – 18 holes stableford using ¾  handicap
    Pairs Regional Play-off – 18 holes betterball stable ford using ¾  handicap
  4. The Competition is played under the Rules of Golf as laid down by the R & A.
  5. Competitors must be 16 years old on or before the 2 August 2020. Players entering the competition under 18yrs of age must be chaperoned at all stages of competition by a responsible adult.
  6. Each competitor must have an ACTIVE CONGU handicap issued by an affiliated golf club and have played in a minimum of 6 handicap qualifying competitions during any previous 12 month period. Handicaps must remain ACTIVE from the date of entry and throughout involvement in the competition. Current handicap certificates must be taken to each match and shown to the opponents before the match commences. If a competitor does not provide a handicap certificate on the day of the match he/she must provide proof of handicap to the Tournament director within 48 hours of completion of the match if requested by the opponents. The opponent will inform the tournament director of any such request.
    In order to preserve the integrity of The League to Dubai, the organisers’ reserve the right to disqualify any player or players from the tournament in the event that the tournament committee determines, in its absolute discretion, that a player’s handicap is inaccurate when compared with their actual playing ability. The tournament committee will determine whether a player’s handicap is inaccurate by taking into consideration any or all the following:

    • Handicap history review;
    • Previous tournament/competition results;
    • Current sanctions from any other national golf tournaments or from any County or National golf administrative bodies;
    • Judgement on the relevance of completed competitions within the past 12 months;
    • Complaints which are in the public domain and any other handicap inconsistencies that are brought to our attention.
  7.  Under no circumstances may a pair change either or both of its players after the first match has been played. Requests to change   either of the players in the pairs competition prior to the first match being played must be made to the Tournament Director.
  8.  In the League format, each player / pair will be issued with 2 matches at their “home” course and 2 matches “away” at           their opponent’s course.
  9. The 5 player league format allows each player 4 initial matches, however league to Dubai reserve the right to amend this offer where it is deemed more suitable in the interest of the competition.
  10. League to Dubai are not responsible for any player or pair not fulfilling any fixture, the non-fulfilment of any fixture will be deemed a walkover with a set protocol for the allocation of scores issued. Walkovers where issued will be awarded as 1:0 wins to the aggrieved party
  11. If the “home” course is unavailable for play on the agreed fixture date the tournament director is to be informed and a new date of play agreed at the earliest opportunity, a further request should be made if the fixture is to be played outside of the identified fixture period.
  12. Within the League format it is the responsibility of both parties  to communicate with their opponents and offer a minimum of 6 dates in which to play the fixture, dates of play must include weekdays, weekends, AM and PM. Fixtures should be agreed no less than 4 weeks prior to the first allocated played between date. Should a suitable date not be agreed within the fixture played by period, the tournament direct must be advised. Fixtures should not be arranged outside of the allocated played between dates.
  13. It is the responsibility of both players / teams to update the match scores within 48 hours of the completion of each league match, scores are updated within the “locker room” of each player. The league will automatically update once both players / teams have updated the score
  14. Once a mutually agreed date has been set for each match, if either player/pair has to cancel the match due to be played a new date must be arranged within the allocated played between dates, Any cancellation of a fixture less than 72 hours prior to the date of play will result in a walkover being issued to the aggrieved party. Should a suitable date within the allocated period not be agreed the Tournament Director must be informed. Should an individual / pair cancel a match for a second time the opponent may request a walkover.
  15. If competitors competing in the pairs competition are members at different golf clubs, they may choose either course as their home venue. However, once a pair has played a home match they cannot change their home course. Each players “Home” course is identified as the course / club where the players official handicap is held and monitored. Each player in the Individual competition must play their home fixtures at their “Home” course.
  16. Courtesy of the course is often granted to the away player(s). If courtesy of the course is not offered then the total cost of any green fees payable must be shared equally between all players and paid before the match commences.
  17. The winning team / individual will be the one that achieve the highest stableford score in each match, the winners will be awarded 2 league points, the losers will be awarded 0 league points, where the stableford scores are tied after 18 holes the match will be declared a draw and 1 league point will be awarded the each pair / individual. The individual / pair with most most league points will qualify to the play-off stage. Additional places will be awarded where appropriate to best runners up if a player or pair loses out on winning a league due solely to a walkover being awarded to another player/pair.
  18. During the League matches play should be from the home club Competition tee of the day.
  19. If a match has to be abandoned due to adverse weather / bad light then play shall resume at a mutually agreed date from the point where the match was abandoned as stated in the Rules of Golf. Should a new date of play not be agreed the score at the time of abandonment will stand.
  20. The use of any GPS, rangefinders and stroke savers is permitted providing the device measures distance only.
  21. Any dispute unable to be resolved by the players should be raised initially with the local club pro and then by email to the Tournament Director at The Tournament Directors decision on any issue will be final.
  22. During league matches the players themselves act as referees.
  23. No refunds will be offered after the entry closing date has passed.
  24. Each League fixture will have a “played between” date, identified fixtures must be played in their allocated date slot. Requests to fulfill fixtures outside of the “Played By” date must be made to the Tournament Director by email explaining the reasons for the request. Fixtures played outside of the identified fixture periods without agreement will be invalid.
  25. Any player found to not be complying with the rules laid down by League to Dubai can, at the tournaments committee’s discretion, be disqualified from the Competition.
  26. Entries will close on 2 August 2020 or when all places are filled.
  27. Players can enter both the singles and pairs competitions; however, should a player qualify for the League to Dubai Regional Finals in both competitions he will forfeit his individual place and only compete in the pair’s event.
  28. The entry fee for the individual competition is £40.80 and the pairs competition £81.60
  29. League fixtures will be displayed in each player’s individual Locker Room.
  30. By entering the League to Dubai, you agree to your contact details being disclosed to the other players playing in your league and play-off stage in order that contact can be made to arrange fixtures. You also agree to your information and playing record being shared with other golf competitions
  31. Players playing in the League to Dubai can make use of a caddie providing the caddie is not classed as a professional caddie or having had experience on any professional golf tour.
  32. The general use of Golf buggies is not permitted during either League matches or at the Regional Playoff stage, unless agreed by the Tournament Director. Requests to make use of a golf buggy are to be made to the Tournament Director by email prior to the commencement of the first fixture. Requests are to be emailed to
  33. League winners and best runners up will qualify to the play-off stage against another player / pair. Play-off matches are played over 36 holes on a home and away basis.  Winners of the second round of Play-off matches will be invited to the National Regional Final.
  34. Attendance to compete at the Regional Final stage is by invitation only. Knock out match winners will be invited. Green fees are offered as courtesy at the regional final stage by League to Dubai. Any additional costs for practice rounds, range balls, refreshments, accommodation, and travel expenses are to be met by the individual players.  League to Dubai are not responsible for any travel costs or accommodation costs incurred by players during any stage of the competition.
  35. The League fixture period will commence and conclude on the dates identified within each player’s locker room. Fixtures completed outside of the identified dates will be invalid unless authorised by the tournament director.
  36. Each competitor is responsible for having the correct cover of insurance, League to Dubai do not accept liability for any injury, damage or death caused at any stage of competition.
  37. Expenses will be paid for winners of the League to Dubai Finals, expenses will cover:
    • Return Flights from the UK to Dubai*.
    • 5 days accommodation on a Bed & Breakfast basis.
    • League to Dubai related ground transportation in Dubai.
    • 3 rounds of golf.
    • * Players are required to pay the tax element on flights upto a maximum of £200
  38. Winners of the League to Dubai Grand National Final are responsible for making their own way to and from the UK departure airport.
  39. By entering the League to Dubai you agree that you may be included through both text and images on any advertising, marketing or promotional information set out by the League to Dubai.
  40. Winners of the National Finals and travelling to Dubai will need to have appropriate travel insurance; League to Dubai will not be liable for any costs relating to any loss, injury, or illness.
  41. League to Dubai reserve the right to amend both the dates for play and / or the regional final venues and Grand final venue without prior or written notice.
  42. Whilst every effort will be made to not place entrants from the same club in the same league, League to Dubai reserve the right to do so when in the best interests of the competition.
  43. Should play not be possible at any stage of the competition, League to Dubai reserve the right to amend the format and qualification process of the competition without reinstating the lost round of golf.
  44. In the event of the competition being cancelled, entry fee refunds will be made to those players actively taking part in the competition at the time of cancellation.
  45. League to Dubai reserve the right to amend or cancel any aspect of the competition should there be cause to do so.
  46. Any player winning the Regional Finals on 2 separate occasions may only enter further League to Dubai competitions at the discretion of the tournament committee.

And Finally – League to Dubai do not support the actions of golfers that are seen to “protect their handicap” we share and source information on golfers with governing bodies, golf clubs, other national and local competitions and golfers themselves in order to eliminate those players that do not utilise the CONGU handicap system in the way it is designed.

Quick Guide

Individual Stableford (Men)

Pairs Stableford (Men)

4 league matches 

2 Play-off matches (Home & Away)

Open to Men with an active CONGU handicap *

National Regional Final

5 day Expenses paid Winners Experience hosted in Dubai*

Entries Closing date - 2 August 2020 - Or until all places are filled


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