Grand Finals January 2016

The Southern Matchplay grand finals has started to hot up – and we don’t just mean the weather… Basked in glorious sunshine the San Lorenzo Golf Course proved a perfect setting for the 1st round of the Grand Finals. Following yesterdays practise round the competition took on a more serious feel today with the 1st round matches proving some fantastic golf. Two different formats are being delivered with the individuals playing 2 rounds of stableford to determine the top 2 scores to fight it out in Sundays Matchplay final. The pairs is Matchplay all the way over 18 holes with each pair playing each other. The end of round score being used to determine the league standings.


Player Round 1 Round 2 Total
Lynton Fairman 36 25 61
Tony Curtis 34 35 69
Daniel Smith 30 36 66
Ben Broadbent 18 30 48

Top 2 scoring players after 2 rounds will play in the final to determine the winner and runner up with the other 2 players playing for 3rd / 4th place

3rd/4th Place – Ben Broadbent V Lynton Fairman Result AS – Tied 3rd

Final – Tony Curtis V Dan Smith Result – Dan Smith Won 4&3


Round 1

Turner/Adkins v Sharkey/Sharkey – AS

Sach/Smith v Brewer/Hill – Sach/Smith 7up

Round 2

Turner/Adkins v Brewer/Hill – Turner/Adkins 5up

Sach/Smith v Sharkey/Sharkey – Sach/Smith 4up

Round 3

Sach/Smith v Turner/Adkins – AS

Brewer/Hill v Sharkey/Sharkey – Sharkey/Sharkey 5up

Pairing Score  Points
Joe Sach / Dan Smith +11 5
Bob Turner / Steve Adkins +5 4
Steve Sharkey / Darren Sharkey +1 3
Allan Brewer / Graham Hill -17 0

Champions – Joe Sach & Dan Smith

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